We are the leader that leaders turn to.

The success of an organization raises and falls on leadership.  When the manager is gone business goals can go unmet.  Look to CORE for interim management staffing support while your organization looks for permanent personnel.
CORE Staffing offers contracted staff to provide case management for the pulmonary patient in a variety of settings. Disease management is the cost effective way to keep patients out of the hospital or from being readmitted after discharge.
CORE will customize our consulting services based on your organization’s needs.  Discussing your needs with us will put into motion the collective expertise of our top rated staff.  If we don’t have an immediate answer to your challenge, be sure that we will not stop until we find an answer. Our consulting services offer short or long term solutions to maximize your business goals.
Your business requires specific needs.  Sometimes resources and logistics are difficult to coordinate.  Make one call and let CORE Staffing source out work that doesn’t require hiring even a part-time person.  We will get the job done and get it done right.