Frequently Asked Questions

Simply fill out the application in our Apply section. You can also call us at 989.607.9329 to get in contact with one of your healthcare recruiters. They can answer your questions and get your profile started.

No. You are never obligated to travel with CORE staffing regardless if you have submitted your application or not. Your application is simply used as a qualification for you to travel.

The process is simple. When you work with one of our recruiters, they will help you start your travel profile. Your recruiter will send you a checklist outlining the documents you will need to become a Travel Nurse or Travel Allied Health Professional. Once we receive your information we can begin discussing opportunities that are perfect for your needs.

No. Your commitment to CORE Staffing only extends through the length of the assignment you agree to take. Most full time contracts are 13 weeks.

The minimum travel nursing/travel allied health professional requirements depend on your specialty, the facility, unit and sometimes even the location of the position. The facilities we work with have different requirements and preferences, but the majority of them request a minimum two years of experience.

Your total compensation package vary from assignment to assignment depending on location and the hospital. Your take-home travel pay will include a daily incentive for meals and incidentals, which in turn increases the size of your paycheck.

Meals and incidentals are designed to be a reimbursement to cover the daily cost of food and incidentals. Incidentals include expenses for transportation fees, parking costs and for other incidental expenses such as uniform, laundry, phone, Wi-Fi charges, and tips when an employee travels for business. More information can be found on the GSA website.

As a CORE staffing traveler, you will be paid directly from our payroll. You will receive a direct deposit into your bank account, every week. Your paystub will be available to you online thru out payroll company PCS. Directions for PCS can be found in the employee portal.

We welcome and appreciate any referrals you send to us. With our refer-a-friend program, you’re eligible for a bonus as soon as your friend or colleague completes his or her first 13-week assignment. Please visit our refer-a-friend program page for more details.

CORE Staffing offers a wide variety of benefits including medical, dental and vision. Additional supplemental benefits such as short term disability, critical illness, accident insurance, hospital indemnity, and legal services are also available thru Aflac. CORE staffing also offers a Simple IRA retirement plan.

Yes! We have lots of local opportunities. When you take a contract locally, you can still enjoy all the benefits of travel nursing, without leaving your family or the comforts of your home.

Once your profile is complete, you and your recruiter will discuss your expectations, availability, and your desired destination. You will have the freedom to choose what will work best for you.

Once you have interviewed and both you and the facility decide to move forward, it typically takes one to six weeks. Some travelers start their first assignment a week after submitting their application, while others plan their assignments several months down the road. How quickly you can start depends on whether your documentation is in order and if your license is current for the state where you will be practicing.

After your assignment is complete, you have many options. Many facilities will give you the option of extending your current assignment. We typically begin looking for new assignments for you about 30 days from the end of your current assignment. If you prefer, you can travel to a new assignment, or even return home and travel at a later date.

It’s important for healthcare professionals to have a file of up-to-date documents and forms. There are several forms that are required to send to a travel agency upon being placed.

  • Copies of license/certification for every state you are licensed in.
  • Front and back copies of your certification cards (BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC, etc.).
  • Copies of your Social Security card and driver’s license. Be sure to copy the backside of your driver’s license if you have any change of address listed there.
  • Resume-up to date, with most recent experience and skills.
  • Letters of reference and previous evaluations.
  • Vaccination records- rubella, varicella, hepatitis B, measles, mumps and an annual influenza vaccine or titer test showing immunity.
  • Annual physician statement from your doctor.
  • Annual TB test—within the last year

Having an electronic version of these documents is often easier than paper documents because they can be quickly e-mailed to your recruiter.

If you have to call off from your scheduled shift, please call (989) 607-9329.  All calls are  forwarded after business hours and our on call staff can assist you. We require a 2-hour minimum notification before the start time of your shift. Any calls made outside of that window will be deemed unexcused. It’s crucial to adhere to this protocol so that communication is seamless and efficient.