Empowering Clinicians: 73% of Nurses Voice Higher Satisfaction with Staffing Agencies

Empowering Clinicians: 73% of Nurses Voice Higher Satisfaction with Staffing Agencies

In an industry where saving lives is the order of the day, the satisfaction of healthcare professionals is often sidelined. However, a transformative wave is evident, with nurses and other healthcare workers turning to staffing agencies for more than just attractive paychecks. CORE Staffing, rooted deeply in commitment, quality, and trust, recognizes this paradigm shift and is at the forefront, ensuring that healthcare professionals are heard, valued, and satisfied.

A recent study by the MIT Sloan Management Review highlights this sentiment, revealing a striking preference among nurses for staffing agencies compared to traditional healthcare setups. The report finds that a staggering 75% of feedback on staffing agencies was positive, a sharp contrast to the 23% positivity associated with conventional health systems.

75% Positive Feedback on Staffing Agencies

23% Positive Feedback with Conventional Health Systems

But what makes staffing agencies stand out so prominently? It transcends the allure of higher compensation. The study emphasizes problem resolution efficiency, transparency, and the promptness of response, areas where staffing agencies overwhelmingly outshine their traditional counterparts.

CORE Staffing epitomizes these qualities, driven by our unique edge: our recruiters are real, active clinicians. This authentic, ground-level insight enables us to resonate with the aspirations and challenges of healthcare professionals in a way detached corporate structures can’t. We are not merely recruiters; we are peers in the healthcare journey, understanding intrinsically the environments, pressures, and stakes involved.

Our expansive reach across the United States, particularly in the Midwest, is not just about numbers and placements. It’s about the right fit, the right environment, and unwavering support, 24/7, 365 days a year. Our foray into diverse specialties, including nurse staffing, respiratory therapy, and allied health, is testament to our adaptive, responsive approach.

Moreover, CORE Staffing takes professional development seriously. Our bespoke eLearning services, on-site education in BLS, ACLS, PALS, and NRP, and a dedicated division for RT education underscore our commitment to continuous learning and growth.

The benefits of aligning with CORE go beyond the workplace. We understand the lifestyle upheavals and uncertainties that accompany travel healthcare roles. That’s why we extend comprehensive benefits from day one, including medical, dental, and vision coverage, and a host of supplemental benefits. Our insurance plans are designed with the traveling professional in mind, ensuring you feel secure and supported, no matter where your work takes you.

CORE’s culture thrives on honesty, respect, and a deep understanding of the healthcare profession’s intricacies. Our ‘Refer a Friend’ program, competitive 401K plans, PTO policies, and direct deposit pay structures reflect our holistic approach to professional satisfaction.

Healthcare Clinicians take care of people, we take care of our Healthcare Clinicians.

As the healthcare landscape evolves, traditional systems must glean insights from the staffing agency model. At CORE Staffing, we are not just part of that model—we are at its cutting edge, redefining professional support, championing transparency, and setting new benchmarks in clinician satisfaction.

Join us, and be part of a culture that appreciates your dedication, resonates with your challenges, and empowers your career journey. At CORE Staffing, you’re not a statistic; you’re a valued member of a community that’s rooted in the very field we serve.

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