Navigating Beyond Hospital Politics: The Unspoken Perk of Travel Nursing—Insights from CORE Staffing

Navigating Beyond Hospital Politics: The Unspoken Perk of Travel Nursing—Insights from CORE Staffing

In the dynamic world of healthcare, CORE Staffing remains committed to understanding the evolving needs and preferences of nurses. Our latest survey, conducted among our vibrant community of traveling nurses and allied health professionals, has brought to light some fascinating insights, particularly about the appeal of travel nursing beyond the usual perks.

The Unexpected Appeal of Travel Nursing: Escaping Hospital Politics

While the lucrative pay and the thrill of travel are well-known attractions of travel nursing, our survey uncovered a surprising yet significant preference: the opportunity to escape the often challenging dynamics of hospital politics.

Survey Highlights:

  • Primary Attraction – Money and Travel: Predictably, these factors ranked highest among the benefits.
  • Avoiding Hospital Politics: A notable and close second, this aspect emerged as a key advantage for many.
  • Enhanced Well-being: A significant number of respondents reported less stress and more fulfillment in travel roles compared to stationary positions.

Addressing Traditional Nursing Challenges

The preferences highlighted in our survey are in stark contrast to the challenges faced in traditional nursing roles:

  • Excessive Administrative Tasks: For 60% of nurses in permanent positions, administrative burdens are a major concern.
  • Overwhelming Patient Care: Managing too many patients is a challenge for 61% of nurses.
  • Increased Workloads: The exit of colleagues has amplified workloads for 59% of nurses.

Future Trends in Nursing

The nursing profession is poised for growth, but not without its challenges:

  • APRN roles are anticipated to expand by 40% over the same period.

A shortage of RNs is forecasted across 30 states, particularly in the West.

The Unique Edge of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing offers an effective solution to these issues:

  • Dynamic Work Environments: Regular changes in the workplace keep the job engaging.
  • Varied Experiences: Exposure to diverse healthcare settings enhances professional skills.
  • Distance from Hospital Politics: Less involvement in institutional politics is a welcome relief.
  • Concentrated Patient Care: Travel nurses often experience a heightened focus on patient care.


Join CORE Staffing's Journey

CORE Staffing is more than a staffing agency; we are a community — the CORE Travel Lounge — where healthcare professionals connect, share, and celebrate the unique aspects of travel healthcare. Join us to explore the rewarding path of travel nursing and allied health, where the freedom from hospital politics is just as valuable as the pay and the adventure.

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