CORE Staffing Achieves 2024 Joint Commission Accreditation: Elevating Healthcare Standards

CORE Staffing Achieves 2024 Joint Commission Certification : Elevating Healthcare Standards

We are proud to announce that CORE Staffing has been awarded the prestigious Gold Seal of Approval® from The Joint Commission for 2024. This significant certification is not merely a recognition but a testament to our relentless pursuit of the highest standards in patient safety and quality of care.

A Testament to Our Dedication

This achievement underscores our commitment to excellence in healthcare staffing. It reflects our collective effort and unwavering dedication to ensuring patient safety and delivering care of the highest quality.

What This certification Means:
  • Unwavering Commitment to Patient Safety: The Gold Seal of Approval® is a testament to our dedication, symbolizing our priority to provide care that is safe, effective, and of the highest quality.
  • A Promise of Quality: This seal reassures our staff, competitors, and patients of our commitment to healthcare excellence.
  • Meeting Stringent Standards: Achieving this accreditation signifies that CORE Staffing meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by The Joint Commission, reflecting our continuous commitment to high-quality care.
A Responsibility We Embrace

The 2024 certification by The Joint Commission is more than just a milestone; it’s a responsibility that we at CORE Staffing carry with pride. It motivates us to continuously raise the bar in healthcare staffing, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients and team members.

We invite you to join us in celebrating this landmark achievement. This certification marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards enhancing healthcare services and reaffirms our pledge to set new benchmarks in healthcare excellence.

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